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B-Boy is a young man involved with hip-hop culture.
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Nintendo Wii - Bits - Technology - New York Times Blog
Cellphones, Cameras, Computers and more. Anyone who has played with a Nintendo Wii video game console for any amount of time quickly learns one little secret: how you swing the remote doesn’t matter much.
Nintendo says sold 666,000 Wii in U.S. in June
Nintendo Co Ltd (7974.OS) sold 666,000 units of its Wii video game console in the United States in June, becoming the country's best-selling video game console, the company said on Thursday, citing figures from market research firm NPD.
NPD: Nintendo Wii the top-selling, current-gen console
The Nintendo Wii has secured its place above the Xbox 360 in total units sold in the US, and six of the top ten games in June were on Nintendo consoles. It's good to be the king. Read More...
Nintendo Wii Passes Microsoft Xbox as Top Console in U.S. Homes
July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Nintendo Co. 's Wii, the machine that plays games by swinging a motion-sensing controller like a bat, overtook Microsoft Corp. 's Xbox 360 as the leading console in U.S. homes among the latest generation of video-game players.
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