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Do You Know What You're Putting on Your Skin?
(ARA) - Bath and beauty products do more than just keep us clean, they make us look and feel our best. And in a 24/7 society where busy is the norm, a simple bath or great skin treatment can be a relaxing personal moment in an otherwise hectic day.
The Closure ® Procedure for Varicose Vein Treatment to be Featured on "The Balancing Act" Television Series Airing on ...
Five Star Entertainment, one of the largest production companies in the country, has selected VNUS® Medical Technologies, Inc. and the Closure ® procedure for varicose vein treatment to be featured on the daily morning talk show, “The Balancing Act”. The “Balancing Act” is an original and compelling half-hour television series airing every weekday morning on Lifetime Television; the series ...
Blue Medi Spa: Beauty From Tip To Toe
Blue Medi Spa, the gold standard of medi spas, is pleased to introduce TipToToe, a new service that delivers a one-stop, whole-body extreme makeover under one roof. Blue has paired with premier plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, trainers and nutritionists to make the ultra makeover a reality.
Jeanie Pyun: Fish Pedicures: Next New Thing, Gross Gimmick, or Both?
Think of this little trend as a case toward a larger point: We are all becoming aware of the fact that beauty has its environmental cruelties, from facial scrubs to body washes to shampoos.
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