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Marine industry riding in a trailer boat
This year's Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show showcases super yachts and trailor boats.
Volt of hope: Can electric car recharge General Motors, Michigan and US auto industry?
The Volt could help usher in a new generation of electric cars, but there's more at stake here than a technological breakthrough: The fate of GM and its workers. The future of a beleaguered state. And, maybe, in some larger sense, the image of all U.S. autoworkers, eager to prove they have what it takes to compete on the global stage.
Marine industry riding in a trailer boat
It's trailer boats, the humble tinnie and even kayaks - not the multi-million dollar super yachts - that are keeping the boating industry afloat.
Will the Volt recharge GM and U.S. auto industry?
After decades of building everything from Corvettes to Saturns to Silverados,— Steve Prucnell took a giant leap into the future, working on early models of the Chevy Volt , General Motors ' new electric car. It's a high-risk, high-profile venture and Prucnell is understandably nervous.
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