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Browser is computing a program with a graphical user interface for displaying HTML files, used to navigate the World Wide Web : a Web browser.

The most important Browsers are : Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Chrome and Opera.

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David Filo: No browser for Yahoo
Google wants the world to use its shiny new browser, Chrome. But Yahoo's co-founder says his company would rather improve its existing products.
Google Chrome ignites browser speed race
Analysis – You may have decided against a switch to Chrome (at least market share data indicates that Chrome is losing share quickly again), but there is a good chance you won’t get rid of the browser entirely. We guess you may even launch it from time to time, especially when IE or Firefox get stuck. Whatever Chrome’s future path may be, its responsiveness and speed have left a lasting ...
Opera, Nvidia to port web browser to Tegra processors
Opera Software ASA (Oslo, Norway) has agreed to work with Nvidia Corp. (Santa Clara, Calif.) to run the Opera small memory footprint web browser on the Tegra family of processors.
Tech Talk: Google’s new Chrome browser challenges Internet Explorer
What is Chrome? Chrome is a challenge to Microsoft’s browser. Google really wants to make the browser a stable and flexible platform that can do practically everything we want to do with a computer, from word processing and e-mail to photo editing.
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