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Ex-Google Mobile Product Manager Nails the G1 with Good Reason [Android]
Ulf Waschbusch, who was Google's Mobile Product Manager until he recently left for MySpace Mobile, thinks the T-Mobile G1 sucks for a variety of reasons. He also points out the good stuff, but after...
Ex Google Mobile Product Manager Criticizes Android G1
I don't think Ulf Washbusch , until recently a Product Marketing Manager for Google Mobile, should be expecting to get his old job back after yesterday's comments on the new Android phone . In a blog post he says the phone's physical design hasn't changed in 2.5 years, and calls it ugly and old fashioned. He also criticizes the color choices: It’s funny - but the first time I heard about ...
Google’s First Phone: The iPhone With More Buttons
If the HTC’s new G1 cellphone, featuring Google’s Android software, were introduced two years ago, jaws would drop. But Apple’s iPhone already won the wows that go to the first small phone that is truly good at Web browsing.
G1 and the iPhone Are Nice, But I Want My Prepaid Back
Advanced smartphones such as the iPhone and T-Mobile’s Android based G1 are beautiful, sophisticated devices, but they have an adverse effect: they’re forcing us into expensive contracts with mobile providers. The reasoning behind it is this: the iPhone/G1 are very advanced, and cost a lot more than an average phone to create. However, you, the customer, are lucky: we’ll subsidize the ...
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