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Coffee grinder
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A Coffee grinder is a small machine for grinding roasted coffee beans.
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Ten coffee gifts for under $25.
In coffee-swilling Oregon, barista training helps at-risk young people find jobs, hope
A pilot program, a collaboration between p:ear and coffee roaster Caffe Vita, aims to give homeless youth the experience they need to find work as baristas. At its core, the program is really about hope. In the worst recession in decades, when even college-educated people struggle to find work, it takes hope -- and training -- for someone with a tarnished backstory and a spotty work history to ...
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Quality, style and a scoop of TLC are the main ingredients for holiday snacks and appetizers. For at least a few local foodies, party-food ideas for the coming holiday season center around freshness and quality, a casual sophistication and the revival of the MIY ethic: make it yourself.
Family loses antiques, heirlooms in burglary
Antiques, heirlooms gone from home.
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