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Photo finish: How to find the right detector
So you’ve decided to ditch those ionization smoke detectors in your house, and keep your family safe with photoelectrics. But then you think, “How do I know what kind I have?” According to Boston Deputy Fire Chief Jay Fleming, there are several ways to identify the type of detector in your house: if you see the words “radioactive” or “Americium 241″ anywhere on the outside or back ...
How To Avoid Online Auction Scams
Many people get scammed into bidding on counterfeit luxury goods online. Here are some tips for telling what's real and what's fake.
Bordeaux struggles with changing thirst for wine
SAINT-EMILION, France — Would you buy a rose wine from a guy whose rugby team nickname was “Cricket”?
EDF to Buy Stake in Germany's EWE for EU2 Billion, Echos Says
July 11 (Bloomberg) -- Electricite de France SA is set to buy a stake in Germany's EWE AG for 2 billion euros ($3.16 billion), Les Echos reported, without saying how it got the information.
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