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Beatles, iTunes come together. Who cares?
Apple Inc. announced Tuesday that digital's most famous holdouts, The Beatles, are finally on iTunes. Why all the fuss, asks Matt Hartley
Could Bing or Blekko Top Google in the Search-Engine Wars?
With some search companies calling it quits, Microsoft's Bing and a new contender named Blekko give Google much-needed competition
Bucks, NBA move to trademark 'Fear the Deer'
The Milwaukee Bucks have created a unique atmosphere at the Bradley Center. In a league where most fans spend their games on Bluetooth headsets and politely clap after the most athletic plays in the known universe, the Bucks have managed to create a college-type of rowdy crowd with their Squad 6. When people use the phrase "Fear the Deer," they're not just being cute -- playing in Milwaukee is a ...
Dave Niehaus Dies at the Age of 75
Dave Niehaus, the longtime Seattle Mariners play-by-play announcer, has died at the age of 75, the team announced last week on Wednesday. Niehaus, known for his trademark home run call of “fly, fly away,” called the very first Mariners game in 1977. He has been the voice of the team ever since, Seattle PI reported. The announcer was also inducted into the M
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