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Forex ( Foreign Exchange )
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The FOREIGN EXCHANGE (FOREX, FX) market is not a "market" in the traditional sense. In fact, it is the nearest to "perfect market" from economics perspective.

There is no centralized location for trading as there is in futures or stocks. Trading occurs around the clock over the telephone and on computer terminals at thousands of locations worldwide. Foreign Exchange is also the world's largest market.

Daily market turnover has skyrocketed from approximately 5 billion USD in 1977, to a staggering 2.5 trillion (and more) US dollars today. This is more than 100 times the daily turnover of the NASDAQ.

Too make it short, it's the action to buy or sale foreign currencies to make money.

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Forex kitty Mumbai, Nov. 15:
The country’s forex reserves continued to slide as it fell $1.5 billion to $251.36 billion in the week ended November 7. India’s foreign exchange shrunk $64.5 billion in the past six months in the face of a global meltdown.
Benpres loses P841M in 9 mos on lower earnings, forex losses
Benpres Holdings Corp., the investment holding firm of the Lopez family, incurred a net loss of P841 million in the first nine months of the year, largely due to foreign exchange losses and lower net earnings of subsidiaries.
India loses $44 bn forex on global woes
Forex reserves have come down to around $250 billion, latest RBI figures indicate. Weekly Gainers: BSE Group A , Group B , NSE | Losers: BSE Group A , Group B , NSE
Forex dealers bring foreign exchange in country, action unwarranted:Bostan
KARACHI: Forex Dealers Association President, Malik Bostan has said that the foreign exchange dealers bring 7/8 billion dollars in the country everyday and such action against them was unjustifiable.
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