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Freeware is software that is available free of charge.
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Insure Your Data with Personal Backup [Featured Windows Download]
Windows only: Freeware Backup application Personal Backup offers lots of flexibility for backing up important files both locally and over a network using FTP or SFTP protocols. The application itself...
Opinion: Love Transcending Death: Challenge Versus Story in Calamity Annie
[In a new analysis piece, writer Gregory Weir looks at independent game Calamity Annie to investigate the concept of "separating the story of a game from its rules for success or failure".] In video games, there has been a gradual trend from skill challenge to story. Many of the first arcade games were tests of skill and reflexes: the player was challenged to score as many points as she could ...
T-Mobile details its store and developer program
Last month news broke that T-Mobile was working on a new application marketplace that would span across its entire phone lineup. This new application store, T-Mobile said, would make it easier for consumers to discover and access applications for their cell phones.
iolo Search and Recover 5
The Recycle Bin is a handy first line of defence against accidental file deletions, but it's not perfect. There are many situations where you can delete something and not have it show up in the bin later, which is why it's vital that you have a file recovery tool installed.
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