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New kidnapping in southern Philippines
File photo shows an armed policeman on patrol in a jeep on the restive southern Philippine island of Basilan. Suspected Muslim extremists abducted two telecom servicemen in the southern Philippines in the latest in a rash of such kidnappings in the area, police said Thursday.
Patna: 20 killed as jeep plunges into ditch
At least 20 people were killed when a jeep carrying a marriage party fell into a water-filled ditch in Patna in the early hours of Tuesday, police said.
The Golden couple
The green Jeep, whose color reflected the 'green' theme of the town's annual July 4 parade, moved slowly along the thoroughfare, carrying cargo precious to the community.
Man found dead in canal underneath Jeep
The body of 54-year-old Richard Rita was found in a canal under the rear of his Jeep Sunday afternoon.
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