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Haptic is of or relating to the sense of touch, in particular relating to the perception and manipulation of objects using the senses of touch and proprioception. When it's refer to the Haptic technology, it's the process of simulating any of the sense details above via mechanical stimulation applied by forces, vibrations and ( or ) motions to the users, especially for video games or simulations targeted for military training or others.

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AT&T Eternity Packs Touch Screen, 3G
The carrier's latest smart phone closely resembles the iPhone, but adds haptic feedback, and sells for $50 less.
Samsung Eternity full-touch phone hits AT&T
AT&T today grew both its full-touchscreen phone lineup and its small roster of mobile TV phones by adding the Samsung Eternity. A close cousin of the Instinct, the phone carries a 3.2-inch touchscreen with haptic (vibration) feedback and an accelerometer that both auto-rotates the display and lets it play iPhone-like motion-sensitive games. A MediaFLO tuner is built-in to play live digital TV ...
Samsung and U.S. Cellular(R) Introduce Samsung Delve(TM)
Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile) and U.S. Cellular announce the availability of the Samsung Delve(TM) (SCH-r800). The Samsung Delve's full touchscreen design features tactile haptic feedback, which gives users a vibrating pulse when items are selected. The Samsung Delve can instantly shift to landscape mode, creating a virtual QWERTY touchpad for easy text messaging while ...
A Look Ahead at Nokia's Devices for Early 2009
A roadmap has surfaced that describes a number of unannounced smartphones Nokia expects to release next year.
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