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High Heels
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High Heels are tall, thin heels on women's shoes and also the name of this kind of shoes.
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"Bare-It-All" High Heels Make Summer Fashion News, But Foot Care Expert Says Unattractive Feet and Toenails Can Ruin ...
According to the July 27, 2008 issue of the New York Times, this summer's footwear fashion is all about foot-baring high heels, platforms and gladiator-style sandals - while flip-flops are out. Carol J.
High heels and heifers
MARSHALL — High heels and heifers usually don't mix well, but they do things a bit differently at the Calhoun County Fair.
Miss Manners: Bare legs a no-no for formal functions
QUESTION: I am confused about the growing habit of wearing high heels without stockings. I feel as though I am not dressed properly without hose, and yet people will deliberately ask me (even at embassy functions) whether I am wearing stockings, as though I am making a major mistake.
'Rock Star Girls' charged with using high heels to beat two sisters at Fort Pierce club
Three women known as "The Rock Star Girls" are accused of beating two teenage sisters with high heels Friday morning at Club Crunk, according to a police report.
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