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graffiti art and spraycan art on walls, trains and canvases, graffiti links, graffiti information and graffiti merchandise at ilovegraffiti.com, your independent graffiti source.

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Graffiti galleries @ ilovegraffiti.com About ILoveGraffiti.com Graffiti styles, pieces and murals from the graffiti photo archive of Neck.CNS ILoveGraffiti.com is the online graffiti photo archive of Neck.CNS. All the pieces and murals that I've taken pictures of since i began painting in 1989 were starting to collect dust in the attic. So I got the idea to open up my graffiti archive and share all these amazing graffiti pieces with you. I guess that there are a few oddities and rarities to be found among these flix. I started taking these pictures in 1989 and roamed the city searching for hidden graffiti spots. Since then, I've had the possibility to photograph graffiti styles all over Europe and beyond. I'll put all these graffiti photos online at ILoveGraffiti.com as I get around to scanning them. I hope you enjoy this site and all the amazing graffiti art. Neck.CNS Close this layer Imprint / Impressum O. Gelbrich / Neck.CNS Talstrasse 72, 40217 Düsseldorf, Germany Telefon: +49 211 5473113 E-Mail: neck[at]cnskillz[dot]com Internet: www.neckcns.com Inhaltlich Verantwortlicher gemäß § 10 Absatz 3 MDStV: O. Gelbrich / Neck.CNS (Anschrift wie oben) Haftungshinweis: Trotz sorgfältiger inhaltlicher Kontrolle übernehmen wir keine Haftung für die Inhalte externer Links. Für den Inhalt der verlinkten Seiten sind ausschließlich deren Betreiber verantwortlich. Close this layer select graffiti gallery Barcelona Düsseldorf Bombing Halle an der Saale Leipzig Monheim Munich Airport Riem Munich All Over Munich Buergerpark Ost Munich Heimeranplatz Munich Kunstpark Ost Munich Line Oldschool Munich Neuperlach Munich Tumblinger Strasse New York City San Francisco Sao Paulo Siegburg Vienna Chip Loomit UA FBI Meric CNS 123K Mode 2 Paste Golem Shaic RUF DFB Scout CSB Sonic Steve Tazk Marco home | about | imprint | a project by neckcns.com Barcelona Graffiti walls, graffiti productions, street and sticker art from Catalunya. Düsseldorf Bombing Street graffiti and line bombings from Düsseldorf: Ape, Bko, Föns and many more. Halle an der Saale Jam location in Eastern Germany: graffiti by Make 51, Fish... Monheim Nice graffiti spot close to Leverkusen: graffiti by How, Nosm, Magic... Leipzig Graffiti bombing, streetart and legal graffiti walls from east germany... Airport Riem Riem was a huge private graffiti hall of fame: loads of Loomit and many international graffiti writers. All Over Munich Graffiti pieces and Bombings from all around Munich. Buergerpark Ost Munich graffiti roots started here around the cultural center: really great oldschool graffiti stuff. Heimeranplatz One of the oldest and most famous graffiti halls of fame in Munich: Won, Scout, Sonic, Paze... Kunstpark Ost Huge industrial area, converted into a massive private graffiti hall of fame: Loomit, Daim, Swet, Ces... Munich Line Oldschool Graffiti pieces on the munich train lines, starting end of the 1980's. Neuperlach The local graffiti halls where I lived back then, my first influences. Munich Tumblinger Strasse Classic Munich graffiti hall of fame near the old slaughter house. New York City A selection of graffiti pieces from 5Pointz, Queens, NYC. Taken end of summer 2006 San Francisco Californias finest graffiti: Apex, Neon, Vulcan... Taken end of summer 2006 Sao Paulo Transcending traditional Graffiti styles, these are crazy figurative graffiti pieces. Siegburg A graffiti hall of fame in the area inside a car park: graffiti by Golem, Seak, Phenc... Vienna Some of Austria's finest graffiti: Nychos, Bande, Busk, Keramik, Maggot, Einz... Writing in München Great book, 144 pages full of classic graffiti art from Munich. More info at amazon.com ILoveGraffiti Shirts and more Get your official ILoveGraffiti Shirts, Caps, Bags ans Stickers here via Cafepress.com Graffiti World Street Art from Five Continents: Great pictures, good short bios, tons of art. More info at amazon.com Marc Ecko's Getting Up Groundbreaking creative system lets you write & improve your skills, as you go from tagging to murals. Graffiti books Shop for graffiti art books at amazon.com and support ilovegraffiti.com. Graffiti DVDs Shop for graffiti art DVDs at amazon.com and support ilovegraffiti.com. Chip Chip was one of my major graffiti influences: clean lines, controlled movement. Great stuff. Loomit UA FBI Oldschool graffiti hero and revolutionizer of 3D graffiti styles from Munich. Meric 123K CNS Graffiti wildstyles par excellence from a founding member of CNSkillz Crew. Mode 2 Mode 2 - the man, the myth, the graffiti character master. Paste Golem Shaic RUF DFB Classic, ill and boogie graffiti styles from Monheim. Scout CSB One of my favourite graffiti stylers from Munichs scene. Major mural works to be seen here. Sonic Define oldschool graffiti styles from Munich: SONIC. Period. Steve Unique stuff. Great if naive graffiti characters; deceptively simple style work. Tazk Marco Tazk and Marco specialize in big caricature-style graffiti murals. NeckCNS.com Hybrid Art Graffiti: Graphic design and 3D graffiti styles blend into a new art form. NeckCNS.com Newsletter To be notified by e-mail when ilovegraffiti.com is updated, please subscribe to the neckcns.com newsletter here: Current stats: 27 galleries, 1360 photos, 102.5 MB. all content © 1989 - 2006 by the contributing artists, neckcns.com and ilovegraffiti.com ilovegraffiti.com was built using webdesign tools from webdesignertoolkit.com

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German file-sharer let off - he was only downloading, not "making available"
It's the all-new confusing situation in the murky world of file-sharing!
P2P leecher targeted in Germany for making files available
When does "making available" mean "not making anything available whatsoever?" When you have set your P2P client's settings to not upload a single byte (you dirty leecher, you) but you're targeted anyway by a company that claims it has proof that you made its files available. Such a thing has happened in Germany, casting further doubt on the making available theory. Read More... ...
by villagerman (-0.22) on Sun 21st Jan 2007 17:56 UTC
Over here, Windows 2000 with Firefox, VLC media Player, Emule, RealPlayer, Picasa, CCleaner, RegScrubXP, Video DVD Maker, Camel's Mpeg Join and OpenOffice does everything I'd like to do to my full satisfaction.
Linked by Eugenia Loli-Queru on Sat 5th Jan 2008 04:08 UTC
While this might be a bold statement, all things point to this. Blu-Ray was already winning in market share slowly but surely, and today's Warner decision to go BD-only puts the final nails into this HD format war as Warner is the biggest movie distributor.
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