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iTouch is a portable mp3 player ( as well as video player and web browser ) launched by Apple in 2007. The main difference with the iPod is to feature a touch screen interface similar to the iPhone ( but no camera nor phone like for iPhone for it ). The next move from Apple will be the released in september 2009 of an iTouch with a 7 inch touchscreen and another with a 9 inch touchscreen. This is for sure a step which will seduce many users of the dvd portable players, handheld game consoles and other eBook readers.
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Some women carry everything in their handbags short of the kitchen sink.
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TORONTO - Calling all couch potatoes: Those television sets, iPhones and yes, even video game consoles may actually provide some of the momentum you need to begin to shed those pounds this year.
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Don't call him Hootie, call him a serious Xbox gamer
q&a Darius Rucker, singer for Hootie & the Blowfish, is a big-time Madden football player, listens to music on an iPod Touch, and says friend Tiger Woods prefers shooter games.
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