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Job interview
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Job interview is after the curriculum vitae ( aka Resume ) the second key point which might allowed you to get a job. Generally, many questions will be asked to you about your job experiences and you what you've learn at schol or the training you might done too. It's really important to dress well when you get to your interview because it will be another key point where you will be judged.
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Job Magnet: Jobs Available in B.C, If You Give a Good Interview
Job Magnet - Okay let's discuss some interview tips for landing one of the cool jobs available in B.C. Remember how nervous you were when you went on your first date? Remember how clammy your hands felt on the wheel of your mom's Ford Taurus station wagon that you borrowed after getting your license the day before? Remember the rush of nerves you felt when you first saw your date?
Teaching Students How to Go On A Job Interview
The job interview process represents one of the most scary times anyone can go through. You have to talk about your experience, and sell yourself at the same time. Well, one group of local high school students may now have a leg up on their competition. read more
Christine Hassler: What To Do After An Interview
Dear Christine, I had a job interview today that I thought went really well. I am anxious to follow-up with the people I interviewed with...
5 Questions for job outlook expert John Challenger
It's been a grim year for layoffs and job cuts with nine straight months of job losses, worsening in September when U.S. employers handed out the most pink slips of any month since 2003.
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