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Jukebox is a machine that automatically plays a selected musical recording when acoin is inserted.
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Panned by reviewer, then told to go bankrupt
A British composer was told to go bankrupt yesterday after he unsuccessfully tried to sue the London Evening Standard for libel. Keith Burstein ran up legal costs of £67,000 defending a test-case libel action against Associated Newspapers, publishers of the Standard, over a critical review of one of his operas.
Bodyguard for owner of bankrupt bridal shop as hundreds of brides are left without wedding dresses
A bridal shop owner needed protection from a mob of angry brides who were left without their dresses after her business went bust.
Bodyguard to protect bankrupt dress shop owner from angry brides without wedding gowns
The director of a bridal shop needed a bodyguard to protect her from a mob of angry brides who have been left without dresses after the business went bust.
Spanish construction firm bankrupt
MADRID, Spain (AP) _ The bubble that was once Spain's red-hot property market has emitted its loudest pop yet: a real estate company that symbolized an era of easy money sought protection from creditors Tuesday in the largest such filing in the country's corporate history.
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