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Loan scams
The Loan scams category gathers information on the following topics : How to avoid the most common scams on Internet, how to avoid internet scams.

If a company offers you a loan while your credit history is so bad that all the other companies had turned their back to you? Doesn't smell good, they will ask you details, even phone you.. You think it's real, it's just getting worst in fact. If you go on, they will ask you for a cosigner or a deposit to be sent with Money Gram, Western Union or another kind of company. Let's get 'real', if the company was official, they will ask you for a money transfer, a cheque or to paid buy card via their secured form online, they will never ask you to send money with this kind of company, only scammers do that way. In the better case, if you sent the money, you just lost it, in the worst case, they might use your details to get 'real' forged documents and get a bank account on your name to do a bigger scam elsewhere.
How to avoid it?
Ask them a land line to call then back because you have to go. If they don't want to provide you this tiny piece of information, runaway from them.
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