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MacBook Nano
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MacBook Nano is a tiny MacBook which can be easily transportable anywhere you wish, even carried in your pocket if it is wide enough.
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What's this? A Macbook Nano? Er...
Pictured above is the Macbook Nano - pretty nice, eh? I've got some bad news though - it's a little out of your price range, as no money in the world could buy one. Because it doesn't really exist.
MacBook Nano netbook? No, MSI Wind
Gizmodo has an amusing picture story about "MacBook Nano" netbooks , which says: I don't know if these MacBook Nanos are a custom hack or if they come from some kind of shady outlet selling retrofitted MSI U100 laptops made to look like shiny -- and fictional -- Apple notebooks with Mac OS X installed. I do know one thing, though: I wouldn't mind having one Well, as Gizmodo knows, ...
Another Look at Apple MacBook Nano (By MSI)
Early last month, we caught a glimpse of what appeared to the MacBook Mini . It didn't take long for people to figure out that it was simply an MSI Wind netbook that had be re-fashioned to include a glowing Apple logo and that's about it.
Netbook is small and comes in champagne It's been said that you can never be too rich or too thin, but Asus's Eee PC S101 netbook ($700) gets pretty close to being both. TheS101weighs in at a waifish 2.2 pounds (Almost a pound less than Apple's MacBook Air) and is 0.7 inches thin. Fortunately, the company did not substitute substance for style. The S101 is rich with features, including 20 ...
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