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Reggae is a style of popular music with a strongly accented subsidiary beat, originating in Jamaica. Reggae evolved in the late 1960s from Ska and other local variations on Calypso and Rhythm and Blues, and became widely known in the 1970s through the work of Bob Marley; its lyrics are much influenced by Rastafarian ideas.
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Reggae power and Bolt spur Jamaican women
BEIJING, Aug 17 (Reuters) Shelly-Ann Fraser credited the power of reggae and the inspiration of compatriot Usain Bolt for the Jamaican sweep of the women's 100 metres medals at the Beijing Olympics today.
Jc And The Reggae Surfers
Jay Creed has been a music pro for more than 40 years, beginning when he sang with his cousin's group at the age of 9. Currently, the guitarist is fronting JC and the Reggae Surfers. Surf and reggae are not as strange a combination as you might think. As Creed quips, ''It's just country and western -- the country is Jamaica [for reggae], and it comes from the West Coast [surf].''
Radio personalities, reggae band fill air
"Don't worry 'bout a thing,
CD Reviews: Reggae – the authentic, the new, and the flamenco-flavored
Latin reggae with a salsa tinge; Augustus Pablo's trance-inducing tunes; edgy, synthesized dance-hall grooves from British label Greensleeves; and more.
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