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Sandals are a light shoe with either an openwork upper or straps attaching the sole to the foot.
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Chaplain works to lead inmates away from crime
The half-dozen men gathered at an outdoor picnic table with Chaplain Len Maselli bow their heads and share Bibles to follow along with a reading. There's nothing to tell them apart from any group of devout Christians - aside from their yellow jumpsuits and flimsy plastic sandals.
Give it up for the latest 'in thing' - socks with sandals!
Melbourne, Aug 10 : Once deemed as the ultimate fashion faux pas, wearing socks with sandals has suddenly become the latest 'in thing'.
Method to madness
Musical director and musician Frank Pahl. Tulip takes over UM's law Quad. The theater lights dim and a casual crowd in linen and sandals finds its seats, winding up conversations about cancer treatments that aren't working and where they're going for dinner.
Ex-bishop pledges to aid poor as Paraguay president
A former Roman Catholic bishop who once led anti-government marches will take over as president of Paraguay on Friday, promising to end deeply ingrained corruption and give land to the poor.
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