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Shoes are a covering for the feet, typically made of leather, with a sturdy sole and not reaching above the ankle.

Example of shoes; High Heels, Flip flops...

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Do You Know What's on Your Shoes?
(ARA) - There's no denying that we pick up millions of germs each day; that's why mom always told you to wash up before dinner. But do you consider the dirt on your shoes, which alone carry hundreds of thousands of germs and bacteria and can track them everywhere you walk?
O'Neil: Samaritan's Feet to enlist more coaches' help, shoes
With more than 10 million children worldwide who don't have shoes, Emmanuel "Manny" Ohonme is using his charity, Samaritan's Feet, to raise awareness. Next January, he'd like every college basketball coach to kick off his shoes to help the cause, writes Dana O'Neil.
Walk with Pride program helps needy Big Country children with shoes
The word Pam Redman uses to describe Walk with Pride, a program that will give shoes to more than 600 Abilene school children this year, is "humbling."
YWCA cashes in on love of shoes
Nobody knows how much women love shoes better than Kathryn Wilson. Which is why an auction of her designer shoes is the perfect way to raise money for a women’s charity.
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