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Spawn is a superhero which appeared for the first time in the comic book "Spawn #1" (May 1992). This characters was created by Todd McFarlane for the publisher Image Comics .

It's first appearance in the theaters was in 1997 (Spawn, director : Mark Dippé ). A sequel is in pre-production.
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Don't chow, bella! At least not on the steps of Roman monuments.
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It seems like you can't throw a meatball around here without hitting some kind of Italian joint, from family-style to fine dining. There are many pizza places great (and some not-so), but seemingly nowhere to get that greatest of Italian delicacies: gelato. And where do you go when you have a hankering for a pizza cone?
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City bans snacking at historic sites in heart of Rome to protect monuments including Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps; tourists face fines
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