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Sphinx is an ancient Egyptian stone figure having a lion's body and a human or animal head. The best example is the huge statue near the Pyramids at Giza.
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Tony Snow: Farewell To the Light Heart
Yesterday's funeral for Tony Snow was a grand send-off: a Mass, a tribute by President Bush, and more than 1,000 mourners, including an all-star lineup of Washington's political and media elite. It was sweet and sad, but if the former White House press secretary had his way, he would have opted f...
The Old Beer Cans and the Sea
With gas prices high, more people seem to be catching their waves closer to home.
Hector Elizondo replaces Stanley Kamel on 'Monk'
The death in April of actor Stanley Kamel, who portrayed the longtime therapist for eclectic detective Adrian Monk, left the series with a sad and delicate situation entering its seventh season.
Soldier Boy
Frances Richey?s new collection of poems, ?The Warrior,? focuses on her relationship with her son, a Green Beret who has served two tours in Iraq.
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