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Disney's dreaming a fairytale come true
ON all things Disney, Lella Smith is enthusiastic, steeped in knowledge and loyal.
Sniffing out the fakes: perfume world battles smell-alikes
Kenzo Flower or Coco Chanel? Take your pick among dozens of fragrances, copied for a fraction of the price. This is the promise made by a growing army of "smell-alike" perfumers -- and they have the law on their side.
The gym will totally still be there after you finish that creme brulee.
Japanese BENIHANA VILLAGE Las Vegas Hilton, 3000 Paradise Road, 732-5821. Japanese tabletop cooking at its finest. The chefs deliver great steaming-hot food, as well as an entertaining show.
Building Bruka: Community theater's 18 years leaves mark on Reno
The theater sits unassumingly at the corner of West First and Virginia streets. Inside, things are more bohemian than state-of-the-art, not surprising since the space wasn't built to house a theater troupe. Still, Bruka Theatre of the Sierra has taken the site and turned it into a venue familiar to anyone with more than a passing interest in Reno theater.
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