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URL Rewriting
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URL Rewriting is a technique used to optimize referencing dynamic sites (using dynamic pages). Dynamic pages are characterized by complex URLs, with usually a question mark, possibly & character as well as names of variables and values.
Example :
In this example, the file article.php is used to display an article whose text comes from a database. It is a generic file, which can display any article, any line, page by page. Here we are trying to display the page 2 of Article No. 12 which is part of the category 5.
The problem is that some engines do not index pages with URLs of this type. Google, for example, does not index pages with more than 2 parameters in the URL: it doesn't therefore have a page like our example.
Thanks to the URL Rewriting, Google and any robot will be able to index dynamic pages. The interest is, for example, to have several thousands of pages of your site indexed in Google (the catalogue of all your products, your forum, etc.)...
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